6 Things You Shouldn’t Do In A Bathroom Renovation

May 21, 2019  |   David  |   Blog

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Renovating your bathroom is a great way to increase the value of your property and to enjoy your home. Inspired by things they see on social media sites and magazines, people are learning new ways to upgrade their living spaces. Bathrooms in many households are experiencing a great makeover, as seen in our Gallery.

Whether for purposes of utility, aesthetics or convenience, renovating your bathroom is a project that is worth your investment if you do it right. There are people who are not pleased with their bathroom renovation project because they fail to plan ahead and make realistic expectations of the process.


The Don’ts In A Bathroom Renovation

To avoid costly mistakes and problems along the way when doing a bathroom renovation project, it is important to do everything the right way. There are things you should do and, of course, things you should not be doing.

Here are some of the things you should not do when embarking on a bathroom renovation project:


  1. Don’t Start Unless You Have A Clear And Thorough Plan

As in any endeavour, planning is very important in renovation projects. You need to have a clear plan on how to go about it—from design and budget to hiring a contractor and creating a time frame. Your plan must include contingency situations and options for different matters.

The plan must also be practical and doable. Some people commit the mistake of expecting too much from the project and then find themselves short of money and time along the way. The plan should be clear and must include every possible detail. Employ a designer to put your thoughts on paper and provide a clear and concise plan from the beginning, before you buy any products. Don’t make the mistake of buying bathroom fittings just because they are on sale, without having a clear plan to know what sizes shapes etc that will work.


  1. Don’t Overestimate Your Space

There are those who want to put as many details and materials as possible inside their bathrooms when space is limited. You need to create a design and plan that can work in the space that you have. Never sacrifice the comfort of having sufficient space just because you want to include as much as possible.

Work with your contractor on how to better maximize your space. They can help you create a more logical bathroom design and layout to work efficiently with your space.

Doing renovation projects can both be challenging and fun at the same time. However, you must be clear about what you do and how you want it done, as well as other details. Avoid problems by making the right decisions and going through all the necessary steps.


  1. Don’t Forget Contingencies In Your Budget

Setting up a working budget for the project is a must. It will ground you on how much to spend on labour and materials. Having a working budget will help you understand the limitations of what you can do with your space and will keep you from setting your expectations too high. As well, it greatly helps you to avoid overspending for things that are not necessary.

When setting up a budget, make room for contingencies along the way. People make the mistake of creating a budget that is too tight and won’t allow a degree of flexibility. This is where most problems occur as they need to reduce costs on some items to make room for those that are under- budgeted. Failing to prepare for contingencies defeats the whole purpose of creating a budget in the first place.


  1. Don’t Rush The Process

Setting a very short timeline for bathroom renovations will only cost you more. Some people make renovation projects in preparation for some events they will be hosting at home. Mindlessly, they begin to rush the process and skip some of the most important parts like planning and keeping a budget. In the end, they may finish the project on time but at a bigger cost and sacrificing some preferences that they wanted to have in the first place.


  1. Don’t Settle For Cheap Labour

Some people think that they can save more money if they settle for cheap labour. While there are those who charge cheap but do a good job, there are also those that produce a substandard result. Make sure to hire the best possible contractor for your home even if it means paying an extra couple of dollars.

Hiring the right contractor will also help you avoid problems that may cause you to spend more than you intend to in the first place. Quality and experienced contractors can also help you maximize your budget well and can provide helpful recommendations about the project.


  1. Don’t Hesitate To Communicate With Your Contractor

You have to hire someone who you are comfortable working with because communication is a vital part of making a project successful. Do not hesitate to talk to your contractor about your preferences and your expectations. Provide as many details as possible so your contractor fully understands the output that you want. This will start a healthy relationship and avoid disappointments along the way. Never assume that a contractor can already guess what is on your mind. Speak it out.


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