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7 Bathroom Renovator Tips to Explore for Your Upcoming Bathroom Reno

June 4, 2021  |   Michael  |   Blog

What are some of the best and trendiest bathroom renovation and design ideas to employ right now? How can you make this functional room both comfortable and modern ?

If you’re going through bathroom designs for the first time, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed. After all, so many ideas can be explored and brought to reality. To simplify the quest for modernity, here are several bathroom designer ideas that can take your renovation efforts to the next level.

Tip 1. Functional Lights

Lights can do amazing things in bathroom design – they can create a statement and they’ll also boost the functional appeal of certain areas.

Pendant lights and abstract fixtures can make an absolute statement in the otherwise clean and minimalist bathroom design. Light colour can also be chosen for warmth and softness, taking away from the otherwise sterile appearance of the space.

If you’re a traditionalist, vintage fixtures and pendants (copper, brass) can work really well with other metallic bathroom elements. These are making a definite comeback and their timeless appeal will remain in trend for many years to come.

Tip 2. Environmental-Friendliness and Sustainability

The average person wastes a ton of water in the bathroom. In fact, some studies suggest that most of us will unknowingly waste up to 113 litres of water per day.

Luckily, bathroom design can address this problem. Water conserving fixtures are more affordable than ever before. Even more importantly, these reduce water waste and can contribute to minimisation of utility bills.

Studies show that water conservation is one of the main priorities people have when carrying out a bathroom renovation.

Low-flow shower heads, toilets with integrated water conservation features (several flush modes to choose among as the simplest possibility) and low-flow faucet aerators are all excellent choices to accomplish the goal. Most of these solutions aren’t just created to save water, they also have stylish and modern appearance.

Tip 3. Glass for Better Spatial Planning

Glass is perfect for bathroom partitions like a shower cabin, for example.

It’s a practical material for several reasons. For a start, glass is exceptionally durable and non-porous. This means it doesn’t harbour bacteria and it’s fairly easy to clean.

In addition, glass partitions keep water from splashing everywhere without taking away from the spaciousness of the bathroom. This can be a problem with partitions made of solid materials, especially when such are utilised in small bathrooms. Glass partitions can be functional and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Glass doesn’t have to be just plain and boring. Tinted and matte choices are available on the market if you’d like something a bit more distinctive.

Tip 4. Maximise Storage Space

This trend is especially important for the owners of a small bathroom. Through the right bathroom renovation, smart storage space can be created to increase the practical appeal of the room.

A trend all bathroom designers endorse is the utilisation of vertical space. Towel racks, shelves and custom cabinetry can all utilise wall space that will otherwise remain empty. Going vertical streamlines design, reduces clutter and simplifies the process of cleaning the bathroom. The same applies to suspended cabinetry that you can easily mop under.

Other clever bathroom design trends that can be employed for the creation of more storage space include the simple addition of hooks instead of towel racks, over-the-door shelving (a space that’s rarely used), magnetic organisers and baskets.

Tip 5. Tile Textures

When looking at tiles, most homeowners will explore colour and pattern geometric, oriental, floral, etc.). Bathroom tiles, however, can create visual interest through the utilisation of an additional element – texture.

Tile textures are a great choice for the walls. When it comes to floor tiles, prioritise safety and the creation of a non-slip surface.

Some textures that are exceptionally modern and hip today include metallic tiles, matte finishes (keep in mind these will show splatters and limescale, hence they’re a more maintenance-heavy solution), relief tiles that create a mosaic-like wall, glass and stone tiles.

Tip 6. Electrical Trends

Electricity is heavily needed in the bathroom but wiring and sockets have to be introduced in a safe way due to the moisture. Obviously, there are certain trends and innovations when it comes to bathroom electricity.

If you’re doing a thorough bathroom renovation, consider the addition of some multimedia to this space. Shower speakers or a waterproof TV can turn the typical bathroom into a favourite personal haven. If you opt for such solutions, make sure they’re installed by knowledgeable and certified professionals.

Wire-free socket solutions are also gaining prominence. These include options like wireless electric toothbrush chargers, for example.

A little bit of wiring work can also be introduced during the renovation for the creation of a heated bathroom floor. This is an excellent comfort solution and you don’t need to install floor heating in the entire house in order to enjoy warm tiles in the bathroom. Again, professional installation will be very important for functional excellence and safety.

Tip 7. Shower or Bathtub?

This question remains unanswered time and time again since each bathroom designer has their specific vision.

Make a choice on the basis of your lifestyle and preferences.

Anyone who enjoys relaxing, spa-like experiences should consider the installation of a bathtub. Free-standing tubs are quite popular today but do understand the fact there’s quite a lot of maintenance linked to such an installation.

Shower cabins are quite a lot more practical and capable of resource conservation. Some of these have hydro-massage and other spa-inspired functions for the ultimate rejuvenating experience with each shower.

You have so many opportunities to execute a stylish and distinctive bathroom renovation. Don’t hesitate to pursue the trends that correspond to your personality and lifestyle better. Identifying these will help you make the most of your bathroom, even if the space is limited and you’re trying to carry out an upgrade on a budget.