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Bathroom Trends 2020: Some of the Best Design and Decor Choices

March 9, 2020  |   David  |   Blog

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2020 is here and it has exciting news to bring in the realm of bathroom designs!  Learn more about new trends and bathroom decoration ideas you can implement if you’re planning a renovation. Several styles and tendencies will dominate 2020 and our guide will acquaint you with the most practical, exciting and innovative bathroom trends

Bathroom Trends 2020: Freestanding Baths and Sinks

This isn’t much of a new trend but it will remain in style throughout the coming year. Freestanding baths and sinks are classic and there are several reasons why they’ll continue dominating remodelling projects. There are many products to choose from. You can find a bath or a sink matching your overall design concept and even more importantly – your budget.

If you’re going for something a bit more vintage, you can opt for an ornate copper bath. Stone resin is a great choice for homeowners looking for something a bit more contemporary and fresh. The bath has long been taken out of the realm of functional bathroom components. In fact, it can be transformed into a statement piece that sets the tone for the entire project. If you want a more exquisite and sophisticated choice, marble would be one of the materials to pursue. Keep in mind, however, that such a bath can be pricey and it will also add a lot of weight to the floor.

An Accent Wall

Bathroom designs need to be functional but they should also offer an aesthetically-pleasing element. You can make your bathroom much more colourful and vibrant through the creation of one statement wall that stands out and differs vastly from all of the other (typically more subdued) design choices.

The accent wall is the focal point of the design and it ties everything together. Gone are the days of having all four walls covered in the same tiles or being executed in one and the same colour scheme. Mosaic tiles will be a very popular choice for the creation of a unique statement wall in the bathroom. Other cool and popular choices include natural stone, a mirrored wall, an exposed brick wall and tiles with a specific finish (metallic, matte, etc.).

Woodwork in the Bathroom

Bathroom designs are typically not the ones to feature natural materials like wood. Everybody knows that wood doesn’t thrive in a moist environment and it’s far from the most practical bathroom materials. Norms and rules will be turned on their head in 2020.

Experiments with wood in the bathroom began in 2018 and 2019. Numerous designers executed such projects for their clients and the trend is anticipated to go a bit more mainstream in 2020. Wooden panels that are waterproofed replace the ceramics to give you a warmer, more inviting and welcoming bathroom experience. The same applies to furniture and decorative pieces. While they previously used materials like plastic and vinyl for effortless maintenance, wood is beginning to take over in this realm and offer a cool alternative.

Simplified shapes and extensive use of wood create the style and the feel of the Finnish sauna. It’s clean, it’s modern and it’s somewhat minimalist. The good news is that you can introduce wooden elements in more than one way, whether you want large scale panels or just neat and delicate wooden trims.

Biophilic Design

This is another really cool idea that brings life into the bathroom and takes away from the coldness of marble, stainless steel and ceramic tiles. Biophilic design refers to the use of plants into the bathroom design. If you do a quick online search, you’ll come across entire bathroom walls that are comprised of greenery and floral compositions. “Vertical” gardens are not that difficult to create and numerous plant species will enjoy the warm and humid bathroom environment.

Consulting a professional is one of the best ways to go if you want to experiment with biophilic design. It’s a good idea to have the frame and the vertical planting wall created by a professional. The placement of the wall is also crucial – it should have access to enough light and maintenance considerations should also be explored.

Modern and Minimal Concrete

Concrete is another material that will be reaching the peak of fame in 2020. It can be featured in various types of bathroom designs. Dramatic concrete walls will give you that urban, somewhat industrial feel. Concrete countertops are also gaining a ton of popularity right now because they’re affordable, they’re easy to customise and they also ensure effortless hygiene maintenance. Mixing concrete with organic elements like greenery will result in a beautiful juxtaposition that will elevate the bathroom design concept and result in points of visual interest.

Patterned Tiles for Walls and Floors

Moroccan-style tiles were a hot thing in 2019. Their use will only continue in 2020 and the years to come. Colour and pattern everywhere will dominate Australian bathrooms. You can opt for ethnic ornaments or something more abstract, bold and unusual. The sky’s is the limit because stores will feature a huge selection of patterned tiles in the next year. Think of a cohesive concept before moving on with the execution of this project. You can have your floor covered in patterned tiles and you can choose monochromatic walls. You can have a small trim going through the walls to further enforce the theme. 

Finally, you can really mix it up by featuring several patterns alongside each other. If you opt for such a project, however, you’ll have to be super careful. When the pattern selection isn’t harmonious, your bathroom will end up looking way too busy and potentially even kitschy.

Modern and Clean Light Fixtures

One final element we’ll focus on is the light fixture. Each year, fixtures do change much like other bathroom design elements. In 2020, fixtures will be energy-efficient, clean and functional. 

Hanging bulbs will continue being a thing because their addition to the bathroom can instantly transform the ambiance. This is one pretty inexpensive project you can carry out to see dramatic change. If you want something a bit more vintage and old-school, aged metal lamps will give you that effect and a bit of a soft finish.

Finally, those who want a modern and sustainable choice, should opt for smart lighting and LED bulbs. LED bulbs come in all shapes and sizes and whether you want accent or ambient lights, you’ll find at least one variety to match your preferences.


It seems that 2020 will be the year of design diversity. Bathroom trends 2020 vary from very old-school to quite minimalist and innovative. All you have to do is select the project that’s in line with your vision and that will work well for the available space. Don’t be afraid to go out there and break some of the rules. Many interior design trends in the next year will be doing precisely that. You still need to have a clear concept from the beginning, but there’s no longer the need to stick to universal formulas or generic guidelines that are bound to produce somewhat mass-market outcomes.