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Setting Your Bathroom Renovation Goals for 2024

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2024 is here and  it’s the perfect time to bring your dream bathroom to life. Setting clear goals for your bathroom renovation is the first step toward turning your vision into a reality. At The Brisbane Bathroom Company, we understand the significance of this process, and we’re here to guide […]


Strategic Ideas to Help You Plan a Large Bathroom Renovation

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As one needs to be strategic about planning a small space renovation, one also has to make some tactical choices to benefit from a large space upgrade. Renovating a large bathroom comes with its challenges and opportunities. Gathering various large bathroom ideas will help you accomplish a stellar outcome for […]


Top Ensuite Renovation Ideas To Discuss With Your Bathroom Designer

Top Ensuite Renovation Ideas

A well-executed ensuite design can completely transform a bathroom space. An ensuite renovation does not necessarily cost you a fortune. Regardless of whether you’re taking on small ensuite ideas or more luxury ensuite designs, a few strategic changes can make all the difference to a bathroom space. Check out our […]


Clever Laundry Renovation Ideas For Multi-functionality

Clever Laundry Renovation Ideas

The laundry room is one of the most functional spaces in the house, yet it often is neglected when it comes to renovations and upgrades. Statistics show that some families can spend an average of 260 minutes per week doing laundry. In the absence of a functional space, doing the […]


7 Bathroom Renovator Tips to Explore for Your Upcoming Bathroom Reno

7 Bathroom Renovator Tips for your Reno

What are some of the best and trendiest 7 Bathroom Renovator Tips for your Reno to employ right now? How can you make this functional room both comfortable and modern ? If you’re going through bathroom designs for the first time, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed. After all, […]


Bathroom Trends 2020: Some of the Best Design and Decor Choices

Bathroom Trends 2020

2020 is here and it has exciting news to bring in the realm of bathroom designs!  Learn more about new trends and bathroom decoration ideas you can implement if you’re planning a renovation. Several styles and tendencies will dominate 2020 and our guide will acquaint you with the most practical, […]


Simple Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

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Space is a premium for many households these days. One area of the home that many homeowners are prepared to invest in is the bathroom.  A bathroom needs to be highly functional space, even if the bathroom is small, alot can be accomplished through a simple bathroom renovation project. Making the […]


6 Things You Shouldn’t Do In A Bathroom Renovation

Brisbane Bathroom Company Small Bathroom Vanity Wall Renovation 2 tone stone tile located in Bardon

  Renovating your bathroom is a great way to increase the value of your property and to enjoy your home. Inspired by things they see on social media sites and magazines, people are learning new ways to upgrade their living spaces. Bathrooms in many households are experiencing a great makeover, […]


How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Day Spa

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  In this age of fast-paced lifestyle, piling up stress from the day to day demands of life and work, and head- breaking information from the news and social media; it is not surprising that day spas are rapidly becoming in high demand. This ancient practice, commonly associated with the […]