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Clever Laundry Renovation Ideas For Multi-functionality

September 2, 2021  |   Michael  |   Blog

Clever Laundry Renovation Ideas

The laundry room is one of the most functional spaces in the house, yet it often is neglected when it comes to renovations and upgrades. Statistics show that some families can spend an average of 260 minutes per week doing laundry. In the absence of a functional space, doing the weekly wash can become a time consuming and tedious task. So, is it time for a laundry room renovation? Here are some clever laundry renovation Ideas for you to follow.

If your laundry room is considered a “dumping ground” for household non-essentials, chances are it needs an upgrade. Changing the design, planning for better functionality and upgrading appliances will make this space easier to work in. Not only that, a laundry room upgrade will easily boost the resale value of your home.

Laundry Renovation Ideas that Save Time and Money

Let’s face it. Our time is precious and few of us think washing laundry is the best way to spend it. A laundry renovation can address an array of issues stemming from an outdated design. So, what are the best laundry renovation ideas? The answer depends on your main problem. Here are a couple of suggestions that will help you make the most of your laundry room without necessitating extensive reconstruction work.

Turn Your Laundry into a Multipurpose Room

Doing laundry shouldn’t be the only use for this space, especially if you have a large space to work with. Your laundry room could easily become a multi-functional area that enables you to carry out more than one household chore.

Ways to increase the range of functionalities include:

  • Upgrade the laundry space as part of your bathroom renovation by adding powder room features such as a small vanity, mirror and functional lighting

  • Extend a kitchen space by adding a pantry or master closet through the introduction of the right storage unit

  • Give it a dual purpose by turning it into an equipment storage area – add some shelves to showcase awards, sports equipment, clothing and shoe storage

  • Make it pet friendly by creating a pet nook. By adding built ins for stacking laundry equipment and storing chemicals you can add pet bedding, cat scratching posts and entertainment equipment

  • It’s even possible to add a workspace to the laundry room, turning it into a small arts and crafts space. Adding a bench table and shelving and cabinetry will be a great addition.

Laundry Renovation Ideas that Introduce Some Practical Storage

Fresh shelving and storage units provide one of the easiest opportunities for a laundry room renovation.

Small laundry renovations can benefit quite a lot from the introduction of storage, especially after some clever space planning is done. And even if you think that you cannot fit anything extra into the laundry room, open slim shelves and other ingenious storage solutions can easily add to the functionality of the space.

Interior designers can recommend a wide array of storage opportunities, including ones you wouldn’t have considered. Some of the possibilities that make a ton of sense for the laundry room include:

  • A built-in closet or a storage unit that’s “hidden” within the wall

  • Folding and pull-out storage units, allowing you to put away the things you don’t need

  • Hanging and vertical storage units to make use of space that will otherwise remain unutilised

  • Mounted dryer racks on the walls

  • Hanging rods

  • Stacked hampers on top of each other

Laundry Renovation Upgrades Using Fixtures and Appliances

Laundry renovations are incomplete in the absence of a fixture and appliance upgrade.

It is possible to renew these elements with little hassle. In fact, a new sink, fixtures and energy-efficient appliances will deliver an excellent return on investment.

You may want to choose an oversized sink for soaking and pre-washing. A low-flow faucet is also worth considering – it will get the job done using a fraction of the water that a regular faucet releases. Also, if the sink was previously away from the washing machine, consider a relocation. Having the two near each other will facilitate many processes and create a convenient work zone for you to utilise effortlessly.

If you’re dealing with a small laundry room, a sink board would be an excellent choice for the creation of some additional work space whenever the sink isn’t being used. You can either buy a sink that comes with a board.

Finally, let’s talk about laundry room appliances.

Doing some quick research will show you there are dozens of laundry room appliances to choose among – washing machines, dryers, steamers, irons, rechargeable lint removers… you name it, someone has designed and manufactured it!

The number and types of appliances depend on your needs and the available space. If your laundry room is particularly small, multi-function appliances may be a good choice.

When buying new electronics and machines, always consider energy efficiency and resource conservation. New generations of laundry machines and other gadgets do an excellent job without demanding too much water or electricity. Not only will such new purchases make your home greener, they’ll also help you bring down utility bills significantly.

There’s so much you can do with a laundry room renovation. While the space is often neglected, it can easily turn into a multi-purpose and functional room. Having the right creative vision and professional support from a renovator will help take your laundry to the next level.