How To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Day Spa

May 21, 2019  |   David  |   Blog

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In this age of fast-paced lifestyle, piling up stress from the day to day demands of life and work, and head- breaking information from the news and social media; it is not surprising that day spas are rapidly becoming in high demand. This ancient practice, commonly associated with the Roman baths but actually dated back hundreds of years prior to that era, is becoming an important part of the modern health and wellness industry. Today day spas can be seen anywhere and variations of spa services can be experienced, inspired by different cultures from different countries.

The best thing that people love about day spas is the relaxing atmosphere they have that can instantly calm your senses. Stepping in and getting a feel of the relaxing vibe, inhaling the soothing aroma of scented candles, and enjoying the serene ambience is the best reward one can give himself after a long day of work. This is the reason why many people are starting to emulate this relaxing setup by giving their bathrooms a more day spa-like look, smell, and feel.


Having Your Own Day Spa At Home

Having your bathroom designed to look and feel like a day spa is one of the best things you can do. You can have a day spa experience without having to drive out to the nearest one. It is especially rewarding during winter when the cold is biting outside and you need to drive to a spa to feel warm only to feel cold going home after.

So, how do you transform your simple bathroom to a day spa? Here are some very simple bathroom renovations tricks:


  1. Declutter Your Bathroom

Before anything else, you need to make sure your bathroom is not only clean but is also free from clutter. Throw away things that are not needed anymore and store away anything that you don’t use on a daily basis. Have a storage cabinet under your sink, or a recessed mirror cabinet in the wall, where you can put all your bath and hair products that are not used every day to give the room a spacious and orderly effect.


  1. Organize Your Stuff

Not only should you declutter your bathroom, but you also have to organize those that you use daily. Make use of wooden baskets to put in your body and hair products. It is also great to use some custom containers as plastics can be unsightly especially when they come in different shades. Put towels on racks and hang robes where they should be.


  1. Paint Or Tile It With Earthly Colours

Earthly colours exude a relaxing feel, which is why it is commonly used by day spas. Nature- inspired colours like brown, green, and grey make a room feel cooler and even soothing. Use these not only on your walls but to possibly everything you can paint, like mirror frames and towel hangers. Moreover, choose sink tiles that are of the same types of colours for a more complete effect. For bathrooms with small spaces, opt for lighter shades or neon colour schemes of earthly palettes to give the room a more spacious effect.


  1. Install Dimming Lights

Another classic feature of a day spa is its dim lighting. It adds to the soothing feeling of calmness and serenity that seems to command your senses to relax altogether. You can have recessed lighting, LED lighting under the vanity,  or wall sconces installed for a more spa-like feel when you are enjoying your time on the tub.


  1. Aromatherapy

Put in some scented candles in your bathroom that you will use while you are having your relaxing ritual. Scented salt baths also. Use some scented salt baths, essential oils, scented soaps, and lotions to add to that aromatic goodness that spas have, which people fall in love with and go back for over and over again.


  1. Invest In Good Towels And Robes

Nothing spells comfort more than soft, cotton towels and robes. Always opt for those with plain colours if you do not want to go with the usual white. Have them always fresh and clean by replacing them regularly.


  1. Put In Some Faux Wood Tiles And Stones

Wooden flooring with some creatively designed stoned-floor area gives off that feeling of peace and warmth. Since wood can easily be damaged by water, you can use faux wood tiles and other wood-like products that you can lay down on your floors for that amazing overall bathroom look.

There are even more amazing ways to make your bathrooms similar to a day spa. Some technologies allow you to have ready to use heated towels. You can also put a Jacuzzi in if your bathroom space and budget allow. The important thing is that you should never overdo it, maintain a spacious area where you can really relax.


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