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Strategic Ideas to Help You Plan a Large Bathroom Renovation

February 10, 2023  |   Michael  |   Blog

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As one needs to be strategic about planning a small space renovation, one also has to make some tactical choices to benefit from a large space upgrade. Renovating a large bathroom comes with its challenges and opportunities. Gathering various large bathroom ideas will help you accomplish a stellar outcome for your big bathroom renovation.

Understanding the Cost of a Large Bathroom Renovation

When thinking about how to renovate a large bathroom, you’ll definitely be thinking about the costs. any owners worry that a larger space is going to be too costly to upgrade successfully.

To an extent, that is true. A larger bathroom is usually costlier to renovate. A few other factors that will impact the price include whether demolition and structural changes will be required, the quality of materials and the types of fittings that will be added.

Demolition is one of the costliest repair jobs. For a large bathroom, it’s going to cost anywhere between $45 and $55 per square metre, a recent Brisbane study suggests. Wall enhancements cost anywhere between $50 and $90 per square metre (depending on the kind of plaster being used), waterproofing costs between $750 to $900, tiling will be in the $980 to $1,680 range for a large bathroom of 22 square metres and large bathroom plumbing can cost you anywhere between $5,000 and $8,000.

Renovating a Large Bathroom

Meticulous renovation planning involves having a very specific idea of the steps you’ll need to go through. This way, you can get a precise cost estimate, as well as a reasonable timeframe for the completion of the project.

Generally speaking, large bathroom renovation will have you going through the following key steps:

  • Look for inspiration
    It’s a good idea to determine the style and design that will work best for you. Luckily, you can find a ton of inspiration online. Pinterest boards and Instagram will help you pinpoint exactly what you want for your large ensuite.
  • Consider current layout and structure
    Your current bathroom plumbing and electrical wiring have to be accounted for. If you want to carry out a major change in the structure and the layout, you’ll have to engage in some of the costly renovation processes outlined above.
  • Take some measurements
    Knowing what and how much supplies you’re going to need will depend on accurate measurements. Measure the entire room and determine how much space you’ll be willing to dedicate to the most important fixtures.
  • Get the team together
    Having an experienced contractor, an interior designer, and possibly an architect by your side will contribute to successful large bathroom upgrades. Now’s the time to start researching contractors and designers. Having professionals visit the venue to give you ideas and an exact quote will also be crucial.
  • Do some shopping
    Here’s the fun part. You’ll need to shop for tiles, fixtures and bathroom accessories in line with your vision. Always visit multiple stores to explore available options. There could also be serious price discrepancies you need to be aware of.
  • Oversee project execution
    It’s a good idea to be involved so that you know what’s going on. A hands-on approach will give you peace of mind. Moreover, you’ll get to make important decisions if some changes are required on the go.

Bathroom Renovation Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide

Renovating a bathroom can be a complex and challenging process, but with careful planning and execution, the result can be a beautiful and functional space that you will enjoy for years to come. We prepared a checklist that helps you navigate the process, from planning and design to the final inspection and cleanup.

  1. Demolition: Remove any existing fixtures, tiles, and flooring in the bathroom. Carefully label and disconnect plumbing and electrical systems before demolition.
  2. Inspection: Have the plumbing and electrical systems inspected to ensure that they meet local codes and regulations. This is also an opportunity to upgrade these systems if necessary.
  3. Framing: Install new framing and supports as needed, ensuring that the structure is properly reinforced and meets all building codes.
  4. Plumbing and electrical work: Install new plumbing and electrical systems, including the shower, sink, toilet, and other fixtures. Make sure to follow local codes and regulations.
  5. Flooring: Install the desired flooring material, such as tile, stone, or hardwood. Make sure to properly prepare the subfloor and to use the appropriate materials for moisture resistance.
  6. Walls: Install new tiles or other wall covering materials, such as paint, wallpaper, or wainscoting.
  7. Fixtures and cabinetry: Install the new sink, shower, toilet, and any other fixtures. Install new cabinetry and countertops as needed.
  8. Lighting: Install new lighting fixtures, such as recessed lights, sconces, or pendant lights. Consider adding a dimmer switch for added versatility.
  9. Finishing touches: Install new hardware, such as towel bars, shower rods, and doorknobs. Add accessories and decor elements, such as a mirror, artwork, and plants.

When all of the work is done, you’ll be left decorating and adding the finishing touches to your brand-new large bathroom.

Inspiring Large Bathroom Renovation Examples and Ideas

If you need some additional inspiration, here are a few trendy large bathroom ideas:

Make it a “his and hers” bathroom, featuring two basins


Get a large, luxurious bathtub and make that the central point of the renovation


Turn your bathroom in an actual spa – you have the space for it


Add heated floors for more comfort


Have a separate water closet to house the toilet for someone to use the toilet privately


Have both a bath and a shower, separate from each other


Add a large window and some greenery to give your bathroom a fresh, unexpected appearance


Feature a sauna inside your large bathroom

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