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KBDi 2014, 2016, 2017 Qld Bathroom Awards Winner and KBDi 2018 Qld Bathroom Awards Finalist – Small and Large Bathroom


KBDi 2016 Qld Bathroom Designer of the Year Winner


KBDi 2014, 2017 Qld Bathroom Designer of the Year Runner up


Winners 2016 HIA Renovated Bathroom under $20,000

Renovating your bathroom is always an adventure! However, it can sometimes be a long and complicated process which may be more frustrating than exciting. For any renovation to be successful, you need to make sure that you have the right people to do the job. Just any old tradesman may not get the finished product you wanted, or worse, may destroy your bathroom! You need a professional and effective bathroom designer and renovator!

For the bathroom you have always desired, The Brisbane Bathroom Company is the place to go. Our experienced team of renovators has been professionally trained to get the best out of any bathroom. With more than 50 years of combined experience in bathroom renovations Brisbane, we are willing to listen to your ideas and thoughts because our aim is to produce a result that goes beyond your expectations! We offer excellence, experience and commitment to every job and project that we undertake.

Professional & Personal Bathroom Renovations Brisbane Service

Before any fixtures are changed or any tiles laid down, the project must be carefully planned and the cost counted. A designer from our company will happily inspect the chosen room, attentively listening to your ideas. Getting to know your personality, they will be able to draw up a number of different plans for you to choose from. We will make sure that we stick to the budget and get the job done on time. For more information about our Brisbane’s bathroom renovation services, please feel free to contact us.

Our willingness to listen to our customers, coupled together with our experience and understanding of the trade, means that we get every job done right the first time round! Our keen attention to detail and design means that we can produce an astounding quality of workmanship that will guarantee customer satisfaction. Hire an experienced Brisbane Bathroom Designer today!

When it comes to choosing bathroom renovation Brisbane, don’t just hire the first tradesman you see! Call The Brisbane Bathroom Company – Multi Award winners, including 2016 HIA Renovated Bathroom under $20,000, KBDi 2017 Queensland Bathroom Award and runners up for the KBDi 2017 Queensland Bathroom Designer of the Year Award! Then feel free to sit back and watch as your dream bathroom comes to life!

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